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2 years ago

Lots of great talks taking place the last week on Facebook.. hopefully this will be some help to our followers and clients 🤞

Live Webinar: How to ensure your dental practice survives during the coronavirus?
The CDO confirmed on Wednesday that all non-urgent, routine dental treatment must stop, with any emergency treatment ... See more

2 years ago

🌟 TDA Tips 🌟

Plan your staff meetings in advance!

Each staff meeting should cover certain topics within the practice.

You always need to discuss:
Complaints - if you haven’t had any ... See more

2 years ago

🌐 How to set up your Policies & Procedures 🌐

At TDA we are personally not a fan of policies in every folder. When you have your inspections and your put on the spot to find a policy it’s ... See more

2 years ago

💫 TDA Tips 💫

Staying on top of everything once it’s in place is a nuisance. There’s so much to remember and keep an eye on. 👀

That’s why at TDA we love a good tracker! ✅

We have ... See more

2 years ago

❗️Simple Compliance System❗️

At TDA we believe that less is more but also simple and effective for your staff to follow.

Below is how we set up our folder system:

🌐 Policies & ... See more

2 years ago

NHS inspection today!

2 years ago


These are not compulsory for your medical emergency kit. They are optional.

CQC/RESUS/GDC guidelines state that you MUST have adrenaline present
- ... See more

2 years ago
38cm (5.01) 10 Compartment Plastic Organiser Box

✨ TDA Tips ✨

All single use stored in the surgery drawers and cupboards must be covered. This can be a nightmare, especially if you all have those lovely inserts in your drawers that are now ... See more

This 38 cm handy plastic organiser box is the perfect organiser for craft rooms. It comes with a clasp shut hinged lid. It has 10 compartments so that items can be separated and organised, The items ... See more

2 years ago

✨ TDA Tips ✨

If your struggling with mop storage for environmental cleaning this may be the solution for you.

We recommend using a steam mop with a removable cloth head. You can purchase 12 ... See more

2 years ago
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Simple practice compliance system ✨
✖️ do not have more than 7 compliance folders
✖️ do not print everything out!
✖️ do not have ... See more

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