New Practice/Squat Start Up

Support from the beginning of your journey of buying, building or taking over an existing practice

CQC Application help and support
Advice and guidance on cross infection set up for decontamination room and surgeries
4x CQC implementation visits and office based admin
Fit to practice interview help and/or CQC site inspection attendance

Starting from £2500 + VAT

Existing Practices;

Gap Analysis Visit

TDA always start the process with a mock inspection; we come into your practice and complete an in-depth inspection. We analyse what CQC you have in place or what you may need to implement. A thorough report is then given with feedback.  We look at the following areas;

Policies & Procedures
Maintenance/Service contracts
Practice ticklist/logs
Staff files
Risk assessments
Cross Infection
Staff meetings
General health & safety

£400 + VAT  

Implementation visits

After receiving your Gap Analysis report, you can choose to implement yourself or have us back to implement, help youand guide your staff in the right direction.  These are worth it if you or your staff do not have the time or knowledge to do this. Depending on your report this can be anything from 2-5 visits.

Please note if these visits are paid in bulk, we give a discount.

£450 + VAT (per visit)  

Maintenance Visits

Compliance visit every 3-4 months to update any paperwork, check staff files, complete audits, review risk assessments, carry out reviews & appraisals if needed, spot check HTM-0105, check ticklists and logs are up to date, and check maintenance is completed or let you know when it’s due to be booked.  We can also take part in staff meetings; this is great way for staff to ask questions or for us to chat generally about CQC and go over relevant topics.

After all the hard work of implementing and getting your practice compliant we do not want you to fall behind.  We will also send you any updates in the dental compliance world.

£375 + VAT (per visit)

CQC Inspection Support (subject to availability)

If you are a maintenance client, we will attend your CQC inspection complimentary.  Most clients get us to visit a week before to ensure everything is ready to go. Please note that if any of our advisors are on annual leave, you can ask for another date from the CQC or if you feel confident, complete yourself.

Please note that TDA is based in Luton.  For clients based over a 90 mile radius an additional fee is added for hotel stays and fuel.