Practice inspections

Today I have gone through the Practice inspections undertaken in the UK by the CQC in January/February 2019.
Out of the 131 inspections performed, 11 practices required improvements on their WELL-LED aspects, 5 practices required improvement on their SAFE aspects, 1 practice required improvements on their EFFECTIVE aspects, 1 practice required Enforcement action on their EFFECTIVE aspects.
Below is a brief summary of the areas on which they were pulled up on……….

* There was no access to an AED (Defibrillator).
* The Oxygen cylinder had expired.
* There was no eyewash station available.
* There was no First Aid kit available.
* There was no 3yr survey or annual servicing of the CBCT scanner.
* The principle dentist was unable to confirm the named Radiation Protection advisor.
* No local rules up in treatment rooms or CBCT scanner room.
* Recommendations given on the latest Legionella Risk Assessment had not been actioned.
* Not all cleaning equipment was fit for purpose or stored correctly.
* No Staff appraisals undertaken.
* No inductions undertaken for new staff.
* DBS checks had not been undertaken.
* Recommendations identified in recent Risk Assessments had not been actioned.
* The practice did not follow its own procedures or latest legislation when recruiting new staff.
* Some single use items were being re-used.
* There were no Risk Assessments being carried out.
* Patient referrals were not logged or followed up.
* Policies & Procedures were not bespoke to the practice & were not understood or adhered to by the staff.
* Some Staff had not undergone Safeguarding training.
* Essential recruitment checks had not been undertaken for all staff.
* Sterilisers had not been serviced.
* Audits were not detailed enough.
* Patient notes were not stored correctly.
* The practice did not have all the recommended medical emergency equipment on site.
* The dentist did not follow National guidelines in relation to the use of Rubber Dam or the use of Safer Sharps.
* There was no formal documented policy or procedure relating to the use of Conscious Sedation.
* Local Rules had not been updated to reflect new x-ray equipment installed.
* COSHH file did not contain all the relevant information for Staff to be able to safely manage chemicals used in the practice.
* Air vents were dirty & a dedicated cleaning schedule was not available.
* Medical supplies & food were being stored in the same fridge.
* Information on some Policies was out of date despite the Policies being reviewed very recently.